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DJ 6Rings


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Dj 6Rings was born in Cleveland Ohio and this is also where he started producing local rappers at the early age of 16. Influenced by his Father who rapped Shellie Thomas jr and His grandfather Shellie Thomas Sr who was a member the gospel group “The Cleveland Allstars” . He was also influenced by Dr.Dre,Bone Thugs ,Dj Quick and his blood cousin rapper Amg who made “Bitch Betta Have My Money” that released December 3rd 1991 and went Gold . 
 At a young age the rapper was often in rap battles at school where he would unleash his vulgar unorthodox style and comedic rhyming patterns and harmonies.In 2002 he went to high school with Recording artists Memmix and Music Producer “Butla” who told him about “fruity loops” which is known as Fl Studio now. He has also worked with “Phil duckett” who produced for the Rapper Nelly’s Multi platinum record. 
 DJ 6Rings biggest accolade would be the music production for “Rob Gronkowski” Unsportsmanlike Comedy on Showtime on demand.Altho he hasn’t released an album yet he has multiple Mixtapes and features on numerous platforms. 
 Producer and head Playlist  Cleveland Ohio.


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